Automotive Pricing

(updated 3/29/2015)

All items supplied must be fully disassembled prior to drop-off or shipping. Any items that require disassembly will be charged at the shop labor of $40 per hour, 1 hour minimum. All items must be stripped of any previous coatings. Any items that still have a previous coating (powder coating, ceramic, paint, etc..) will be charged the shop labor rate of $40 per hour for removal of the previous coating, 1 hour minimum.

Headers & Exhaust

Long Tube Headers starting at $250 pair
Short Tube Headers starting at $190 pair
Factory Exhaust Manifolds starting at $100 pair
Factory Exhaust Manifold starting at $60 each
Exhaust Tubing up to 3" diameter   $25 per foot
Exhaust Tubing 3.5"-5” diameter   $30 per foot
Turbo Housings   $55 each
Turbo Manifolds (4 cyl.)   100 each
Mufflers starting at $60 each


Rust Inhibitor (recommended for mild steel and cast iron applications) starting at $50  
Inside Coating (recommended for inside of chrome motorcycle pipes only) starting at $150  
Additional Heat Barrier Layer starting at $50  

Intake Manifolds

Intake Manifolds V-8 top starting at $100  
Intake Manifolds V-8 bottom starting at $75  
Intake Manifolds I-4 top starting at $80  
Intake Manifolds I-4 bottom starting at $60  

Internal Engine Parts

Piston Tops   $15 each
Piston Skirts   $10 each
Piston tops and skirts together   $25  
Valve Faces   $5 each
Valve Stems   $5 each
Combustion Chambers (include valve faces)   $25 each
Cylinder Head (top and exterior)   $75 each
Camshaft   $70  
Crankshaft Journals   $100  
Crankshaft Lobes   $100  
Main Bearings / Rod Bearings   $8 each
Oil Pan   $50 each
Windage Tray   $30 each
Connecting Rods   $10 each





Valve Covers starting at $40 each
Differential Cover   $40  
Brake Caliper bodies   $50 each
Brake caliper pistons (inside and out)   $15 each
Rotors starting at $50 each
Hats   $30 each
Radiators   $110  
Supercharger/turbo inter-coolers starting at $100  
Differential gear set (ring & pinion)   $50  
Heat Shields   varies  

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